Why Appraise?

An Aircraft Appraisal is a Smart Investment


Aircraft ownership is an expensive proposition. So, regardless if you are someone who finances or insures an aircraft, or you are an owner/operator, having a current aircraft appraisal becomes a smart investment. And when you make this investment, picking the right appraiser is just as important as deciding on getting your aircraft appraised.

When you select Transwest Aero Services, you get an aircraft appraisal that has three important qualities.


We are certified annually by the National Aircraft Appraisal Association. This means we follow national guidelines for appraisals and that a Transwest Aero Services appraisal is valid for financing, insurance and IRS tax deduction status if you donate your aircraft to a charity. Our appraisals conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). This means your Transwest Aero Services appraisal meets the highest industry standards.


Transwest Aero Services exceeds national appraisal guidelines because we are passionate about the details. Matching logbook entries with what we see in physical examinations of aircraft is like detective work and we love it. Aircraft are more than just transportation vehicles, with a construction, durability and function that makes flying an unforgettable activity. For those that get it, flying moves your soul. And we get it.


Add national certification and endorsements together with incredible attention to detail and you get the most accurate aircraft appraisal possible. Exceeding your expectations is what we expect of ourselves for every appraisal report we prepare. Besides receiving a full spiral bound report, every Transwest Aero Services client receives a DVD containing high resolution digital photos of the appraised aircraft. This provides a valuable visual record that supports every point we make in our appraisals. It also clearly identifies the condition of the aircraft and the avionics installed at the time of appraisal.