Piston Twins Might Be Ripe for the Picking

New, lower cost fuels could makes today’s piston twins a tempting choice.

On September 8, 2014 the FAA announced that it has selected four unleaded fuels forthe first phase of testing at the FAA’s William J. Hughes Technical Center. The goal is for government and industry to work together to have a new unleaded fuel that reduces lead emissions for general aviation by 2018. Shell and TOTAL, with one fuel each, and Swift Fuels, with two fuels, will now work with the FAA on phase-one testing, which will begin this fall and conclude in fall 2015.

This is good news for general aviation. If nothing else it will get the EPA off of our backs. But will affect the price of airplanes?

Twins Will Benefit Most from Lower Cost Fuels

Prices for most general aviation airplanes have dropped dramatically since 2008, particularly the twin-engine piston airplanes. I saw a nice Colemill Baron sell for less than the price of the conversion and close to the residual value of the engines.

This is pure speculation but if the new unleaded fuels manage to bring us lower fuel prices in the future, then we could conceivably see an increase in the value of these airplanes.  Today’s airplane prices may turn out to be a bargain for those owners looking to move up to a light twin.

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